Diabetes In Women: Warning Signs That Most Ignore

One of the most common metabolic disorders that women suffer from is diabetes. In diabetes, the body is unable to process or produce insulin. Insulin is responsible for converting blood sugar to energy. High levels of sugar in the blood can lead to complete organ failure. Anyone can get this disease irrespective of social strata, race, gender and age. Since women react differently to diabetes because of different hormones and how inflammation manifests itself in their bodies, their symptoms are slightly varied from diabetic men.
1.Female Sexual Dysfunction
Since diabetes can cause damage to the nerves, different areas of the body can get affected. Women may lose sensation in their legs, hands and their vaginal areas thus leading to sexual dysfunction.
2.Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
PCOS is caused when a woman’s body produces more male hormones. It has been found that sometimes it causes insulin resistance and can lead to Diabetes. Consult your GP if you suffer from PCOS.
3.Yeast Infections
Vaginal thrush and yeast infections are caused in diabetic women as the high levels of blood sugar create ideal conditions for fungus to grow in the vagina and the mouth. Symptoms of yeast and fungal infection are severe itching, soreness, vaginal discharge and uncomfortable sex. Get medical treatment immediately if you have been diagnosed with yeast or fungal infections.
4.Urinary Infections (UTI)
Women suffer from painful urination accompanied by a burning sensation and discoloured urine if they suffer from UTI. Diabetics have poor blood circulation that hampers the curbing of infections. Also, infections take a long time to heal in diabetics so consult your doctor if you suspect a UTI.
5.Increased Thirst and Hunger
High blood sugar robs the cells of fluid thus increasing thirst. The hunger rises in diabetic women because of the inability of the body to convert blood sugar to energy.
6.Frequent Urination
The increased thirst and the subsequent glasses of water result in frequent trips to the washroom. Maintain good personal hygiene as frequent urination can prove to be a breeding ground for UTI causing bacteria.
7.Unexplained Weight Change
Weight gain or weight loss without an obvious cause is another symptom of diabetes. The body is unable to efficiently utilize the food consumed leading to sudden weight loss. Excessive hunger can lead to weight gain, again detrimental to diabetics.
8.Mood changes
Women suffering from diabetes experience bouts of irritability, anxiety and sometimes even depression.
9.Fruity Breath
The increased levels of toxins in the body can be blamed for sweet-smelling, fruity breath in diabetic women.
10.Diminished Vision
The eyes are one of the first organs to get affected by diabetes. Cataract and glaucoma commonly affect the eyes. Blurred vision is a symptom of diabetes.
Due to the inefficient use of energy in the body, women suffering from diabetes suffer from high levels of fatigue.
12.Slow Healing Wounds
The wound healing process is extremely slow in diabetic women. Avoid getting injured and get immediate medical help, in case you do. Feet are especially sensitive. Gangrene is very common in diabetic patients so avoid injuries.

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